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Wado Ryu Karate Gloucester

Wado Ryu officially began and was registered as its “own” independent Martial Art in May 1934, by the late Hironori Wado Ryu Karate GloucesterOhtsuka. The origins of the style were developed by Ohtsuka’s continuous study of many Martial Arts over the years. The story of how one man followed his dream and lifelong ambition to become a full time Martial Artist and to create a style which is still as strong and popular today, is a truly inspirational story. Wado Ryu Karate is a traditional Japanese Martial Art and is taught all over the world.

Remi Ashton has been studying Wado Ryu Karate since he was 10 (a pretty long time) and has been fortunate to train and grade with some great Martial Artists. He achieved his 4th Dan Black Belt back in 2008 and is currently training to take his 5th Dan. KiXtreme is very proud to be a part of the EWSKA( English Wado-ryu Sport Karate Association).

The Wado Ryu class is very different to our Kickboxing classes. For starters we have no music in the class, and everyone who attends the class is expected to wear a full Gi. The syllabus is broken down into different elements; line work, Kata, partner work & Khion, pad work and more. You will have the opportunity to grade every 3 – 4 months up to the level of Brown Belt (3rd Kyu) after which it is every 6 – 12 months, and a minimum of 12 months from Brown Belt Black Stripe (1st Kyu) To Black Belt 1st Dan.

We are very fortunate to have a fantastic assistant instructor in Mr Stuart Davis. Stuart has been training in Martial Arts for 20 years and currently holds a 3rd Dan in both Kickboxing and Wado Ryu. Stuart has been teaching for many years and is very highly regarded as an excellent instructor within the martial arts world. He takes his Wado very seriously and will always do his best to help and assist all students in the class.

If you would like more information on our Wado Ryu class, please feel free to get in touch with us or come down for a Free Trial. Also, below is our syllabus which is available for you to download. Please feel free to download a copy and take a full look at what is required to achieve each grade.

Download Syllabus:

White – Black Belt