My son has been going to KiXtreme Martial Arts for nearly 18 months and he is thriving. We tried ju-jutsu and traditional karate previously and neither of these were a good fit. At KiXtreme he has developed so much and it has given him so much confidence. He has just turned 8, he is about to try for his purple belt and he cannot wait to train twice a week and can often be found practicing in front of the mirror at home! The Club has a wonderful family feel to it and I am very grateful to both Remi and Claire for all they do.

Charlie Kawczynski

I can’t recommend Kixtreme enough. The welcome to the group felt incredibly genuine from both Remi himself and all the people already training there. The class is challenging but very engaging where you end up giving your all without even realising it. The more advanced members are there to help during the beginner’s class with the level of instruction being of a very high standard. Remi himself is both motivating and inspiring. After only a few lessons I could tell this would be more than just a hobby but a life choice. The ability to ‘pay as go’ so to speak also avoids the trap of paying up front and then missing lessons etc. You simply pay as and when you train. Perfect. There is no pressure to engage in full sparring or to grade however these are all options available to those that wish to. If you’ve ever thought of taking up martial arts, stop thinking. Click the contact button on this site and let Mr. A change your life for the better.

Dean Taylor

KiXtreme Martial Arts is an excellent academy. Since we have joined, we have thoroughly enjoyed every class. Each class we learn something new. The warm-ups at the start contain something different every time, the line work is varied, fast and full of energy, and the bag-work gives you the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned in a safe, controlled environment. All of this is coupled with energetic background music to keep you bouncing! Mr. Remi Ashton is a fully qualified and highly experienced instructor, with years of experience and World Championship wins under his belt…..

Duane Phillips

Excellent classes, the best instructor. If other instructors train there it’s got to be good!!

Richard Angell


Anke Smith