Kickboxing Gloucester

Here at KiXtreme Martial Arts in Gloucester we offer a few different styles but our core style is Sports Kickboxing.

Remi Ashton, KiXtreme’s founder and chief instructor, has been training in Sports Kickboxing since he was 10 years old winning many titles through his career along the way as well as achieving a 4th Dan Black Belt. He has also been fortunate to teach many people for well over 10 years now, not only in Gloucester, but also Cheltenham, Worcester and further afield, as well as teaching Kickboxing in many primary and secondary schools throughout Gloucestershire.

Sports kickboxing is a fantastic martial art ideal for all family members from the age of 6yrs old. It incorporates all the traditional elements you would expect from a martial arts course, along with basic, intermediate and advanced techniques. The classes include pad work, both focus pads and kick shields, so you are able to practice the techniques you are taught in each class. We also teach self defence in our classes, covering the more traditional elements of self defence and also “real street” defence.

Each class is high intensity with a great atmosphere. You will not only learn martial arts techniques, kicks, punches, blocks and self defence but you will also have a great work out. Our classes incorporate many different elements of fitness so you will get a full body workout in each class. If you are looking to lose weight, tone up, improve self confidence, learn how to defend yourself, achieve a Black Belt, or just find a martial art to train in with no pressure, then our Sports Kickboxing course will be perfect for you.

“I have been fortunate to teach kickboxing in Gloucester for many years and have seen firsthand the impact it has had on many different people” – Remi Ashton

We do not pressure any of our students to grade or to attend a certain amount of classes each week, you are free to train as often as you like and if you are not looking to grade and just simply want to train you are welcome at our school, however if you are looking to achieve a Black Belt we will do our absolute best to help get you there.

We are very fortunate to not only have great students but we also have some excellent assistant instructors who give up their time to come and assist with our classes.

One of our assistant instructors is Mr Ian Marsh.

Ian has been training in martial arts for over 20years and was an ex professional footballer. He has been teaching for over 10 years throughout Gloucestershire. Ian and his family are all Black Belts (apart from his youngest who is well on her way) and are all a valid part of the KiXtreme family. Ian has trained in a few different Martial Arts and is currently a 2nd Dan Black Belt.

If you would like more information on our style and the classes we teach please feel free to get in touch with us or come down for a Free Trial. Also, below is our syllabus which is available for you to download. Please feel free to download a copy and take a full look at what is required to achieve each belt as you move through your grades.

Download Syllabus:

White – Black Belt
1st – 2nd Dan Black Belt
2nd – 3rd Dan Black Belt