We run our classes on a Monday and Thursday from Castle Hill School in Brockworth, it is a good size venue with parking on sight.  

See below for class times and class description.


As from January 2016 our timetable will be as follows:


6.15-7.15 Kickboxing

7.15-8.00 Wado-Ryu


6.15-7.15 Kickboxing

7.15-8.00 This class will change on a Monthly Basis. Please see below for monthly breakdown

April – Sparring, Self Defence and KmaX XMA

May – Advanced/Black Belt training and KmaX XMA

June – Weapons training (Escrima Stick, Nunchaku) & KmaX XMAMartial Arts Gloucester

July – Advanced/Black Belt training and KmaX XMA

August – Old School Fitness, Cardio and Padwork, KmaX XMA

September – Advanced/Black Belt training and KmaX XMA

October – Sparring, Self Defence and KmaX XMA

November – Advanced/Black Belt training

December – TBC

Class Explanation

Kickboxing – This is class is designed for new students through to Black Belts, the class is a mixed class of levels and ages. Throughout the class you will be taught Basic techniques through to Advanced techniques and each Kickboxing class will include elements of linework, padwork, self defence work, fitness work and much more. You will be taught all material in this class to give you the opportunity to grade from a White Belt right through to a Black Belt. This class is really designed for everyone, beginners, advanced, children, adults and family’s, we cover a bit of everything for everyone. 

Wado Ryu – We run our Wado  Ryu as a separate class/course so you can choose what you do, Wado Ryu is a complete traditional Japanese martial art that has been around since 1934, I try and keep this class as traditional as possible again you will be taught all material i
n the class to enable you to grade from a White Belt through to a Black Belt and beyond.XMA Martial Arts

KmaX Performance Martial Arts – This is a Martial Arts system we run that is constantly evolving. XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts) was a martial art originally developed in the USA by Mike Chat. We have taken the original elements of the course and developed for KmaX. It is a martial arts system that incorporates different aspects of traditional Japanese and Chinese martial arts, breakdancing, acrobatics, gymnastics, weapons and much more… We also have a demo team that travel most of the UK performing and have performed at s
ome of the UK’s biggest shows including the Seni. We are very lucky to have Miss Bethany Marsh running our KmaX class. Beth is the current World and European Champion so I know you will love being taught by her.

Advanced/Black Belt training – This class is designed for our higher grade students that are looking to further develop their Martial Arts training. This class is for Brown Belts and above only. We cover all material needed for all future gradings.

SparrSparring Boysing  – We also offer a Semi Contact sparring course, ideal for children and adults to test the techniques they have learnt. Sparring is great fun and if you feel up to it there are also competitions you can enter.

Self Defence – We currently teach self defence in o
ur kickboxing class, but also offer a more advanced self defence class where we work more street defence and look at incorporating variations of self defence from many styles.

We offer gradings every three months which are optional, we do not push anyone to grade, you grade if you feel up to it……and one Black Belt grade per year.

All classes are pay per class, there are no monthly fees, no contracts and no pressure…just train as and when you want….!